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International Journal of Contemporary ENERGY, Vol. 1, No. 1 (2015)                     ISSN 2363-6440


                                                               As of today, almost 7.3 billion humans live on the planet
                                                               and about 20% of the global population lack access to
                                                               electricity and more than 35% rely on the traditional use
                                                               of biomass for cooking. At the same time, mankind is
                                                               using 1.5 of Earth to sustain current human activities,
                                                               thus jeopardizing future of next generations and
                                                               somehow overlooking increasing population with
                                                               growth rate of almost three humans every second.
                                                               Is this sustainability?
                                                               Today we rely on various diversified technologies for
                                                               energy generation. Renewable energy sources have
                                                               figured prominently on the international agenda in last
                                                               time. However, can a rigorous shift to the sustainable
                                                               energy resources and technologies that are available
                                                               today meet the more than doubling of global energy
                                                               demand projected by 2050 and cover already foreseen
                                                               deficit in electricity generation, which will account for
                                                               about 15–20% until 2035, while avoiding dangerous
                                                               climatic change of more than 2  C above pre-industrial
                                                               Talking about the reliability, affordability and
                              Founding Editor & Editor–In–Chief   sustainability of energy future opens the important
                                              Zoran V. Stosic   question about readiness of investors to commit capital
                                                               in a fast-changing energy world, where nature of risks
                                                               affecting investments has already changed significantly
                                                               with the liberalization of electricity markets. Financing
                                                               the transition to a low-carbon energy system is a major
                                                               challenge, requiring strong policy and price signals to
                                                               ensure that low-carbon and energy efficiency
                                                               investments offer a sufficiently attractive risk-adjusted

                                                               In this course, the International Journal of
                                                               Contemporary ENERGY aims to reach and to bridge the
                                                               gap between researchers, scientists, engineers,
                                                               technology developers, strategy planners, policy
                                                               makers, energy regulators and lawyers and academic
                                                               professionals, willing to contribute both to better
                                                               understanding of vital energy issues and to sustainable
                                                               energy supply. Thus, the Journal provides an active
                                                               interface between theory, science and practice serving
                                                               both researches and practising professionals.

                                                               So, take time and enjoy reading and submitting …


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