Page 3 - Contemporary ENERGY Vol1 No2 (2015)
P. 3

Founding Editor & Editor-in-Chief

                          Zoran V. Stosic  –  Director RENECON International, GERMANY;
      Former Vice President ICO South East Europe at AREVA, GERMANY

                                                      Editorial Board
                       Prof. Jan Blomgren  –   Uppsala University;
                                          CEO of INBEx, SWEDEN
                      Ass. Prof. Leon Cizelj  –   University of Ljubljana;
                                          Head of Reactor Engineering Division at IJS, SLOVENIA
                     Ass. Prof. Davor Grgić  –   Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, CROATIA
                       Prof. Nikola Čavlina  –   Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, CROATIA
                     Dr. Ludger Mohrbach  –   Head of Competence Center Nuclear Power Plants at VGB PowerTech e.V., Essen,
              Dr. Maximilian Emanuel Elspas  –   Head of Energy Law and Lawyer Partner at Beiten Burkhardt Law Munich, GERMANY
                      Dr. Dietmar O. Reich  –   Co-Head of Competition Practice Group and Lawyer Partner at Beiten Burkhardt Law
                                          Brussels, BELGIUM
                    Dr. Miodrag Mesarović  –   Secretary General of the SerbianWEC Member Committee; Senior Advisor to
                                          Energoprojekt-ENTEL, Belgrade, SERBIA
                   Prof. Ana M. Lazarevska  –   Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Skopje, MACEDONIA
                         LL.M. Ana Stanič  –   Lawyer Principal at E&A Law London, UNITED KINGDOM
                             Prof. Li Ran  –   School of Engineering, University of Warwick, UNITED KINGDOM;
                                          Deputy Director of China State Key Lab in Power Transmission Apparatus Security,
                                          Chongqin University, CHINA
                         Dr. Changxin Liu  –   Deputy Director General of China National Nuclear Corporation – CNNC, Beijing CHINA
                          Prof. Xu Cheng  –   Institute of Fusion and Nuclear Technology, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – KIT,
                                          School of Nuclear Sciences and Engineering, Shanghai, Jiao Tong University, CHINA
                      Prof. Josua P. Meyer  –   Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, University of Pretoria, SOUTH
                     Prof. Zhao Yang Dong  –   Chair Professor and Head of School of Electrical and Information Engineering, University
                                          of Sidney, AUSTRALIA
                  M.Sci.Engng. Jukka Tapani  –   Vice President ROSATOM Overseas, Moscow, RUSSIA;
                             Laaksonen    Former Director General of the STUK, FINLAND
                   M.Sci.Engng. Jože Špiler  –   Head of TechnicalServices and Investments at GEN-energija, Krško, SLOVENIA
                Prof. Michael Narodoslawsky  –   Institute for Process and Particle Engineering, Technical University of Graz, AUSTRIA
                     Dr. Raffaella Gerboni  –   Post-Doc Fellow Researcher, Energy Department, Politecnico di Torino, ITALY
                      Prof. Henryk Anglart  –   Deputy Head of Physics Department, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm,
                          Dr. Suna Bolat  –   Assistant Professor, Eastern Mediterranean University – EMU, Famagusta, North Cyprus,
                       Prof. Nikola Popov  –   Faculty of Engineering Physics, McMaster University, Hamilton;
                                          President DENIPO Consulting Ltd., Toronto, Ontarion, CANADA
                       Prof. Milovan Perić  –   Managing Director of CoMeT Continuum Mechanics Technologies GmbH, GERMANY;
                                          Senior Corporate Consultant CD-adapco, UNITED KINGDOM
                    Prof. Umberto Desideri  –   Department of Energy Engineering, University of Pisa, ITALY
                      Prof. Chul-Hwa Song  –   University of Science and Technology – UST, Seoul;
                                          Director of Thermal-Hydraulics Safety Research Div., KAERI, Daejeon, SOUTH KOREA
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