Page 5 - Contemporary ENERGY Vol1 No2 (2015)
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International Journal of Contemporary ENERGY, Vol. 2, No. 1 (2015)                     ISSN 2363-6440


                                                               Three humans born every second resulted in September
                                                               that 7.3 billion live on the planet. Unfortunately, this
                                                               number of new born is reducing making the population
                                                               ageing fast, so that in 2050 the share of senior is
                                                               expected to be more than three times than that in 1950,
                                                               and the share of youth could drop down to 61%. In
                                                               addition, in the last 60 years the world population
                                                               lifetime has been increased by more than 20 years. Both,
                                                               the lower birth rates and increasing life expectancies
                                                               means reducing number of today’s workers of about 3.6
                                                               to support each social security recipient down to 2.1 in
                                                               the year 2025.
                                                               Therefore, more than 9 billion people could live on the
                                                               planet in 2050 — and we have responsibility today for
                                                               their future.

                                                               In 1760s the Industrial Revolution boosted the hunger
                                                               for energy somehow careless about sustainable
                                                               development as well as about environment, which
                                                               preservation should not be a challenge but rather must
                                                               be common sense. Our energy demand has been
                                                               constantly increased and will further grow. Thus, it is our
                              Founding Editor & Editor–In–Chief   imperative role to support the natural evolution of
                                              Zoran V. Stosic   global energy mix, for which diversified fuel mix is the
                                                               most important prerequisite.
                                                               Not to forget that the greatest source of energy for the
                                                               future is continuing to use it more efficiently. In last 20
                                                               years, global energy savings were equivalent to more
                                                               than 25 years of primary energy consumption in the
                                                               United States. In addition, technical possibility to meet
                                                               the growing global energy demand by using only clean
                                                               and sustainable energy sources and technologies that
                                                               will avoid dangerous climatic change of more than 2 C
                                                               above pre–industrial levels is becoming questionable.
                                                               So, there is an urgent need to promote and to fund
                                                               research and innovation in traditional energy and in the
                                                               development of new technologies. For both, modelling
                                                               and experimental achievements are the most important
                                                               supporting tools, which also need appropriate
                                                               promotion and funding.
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