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International Journal of Contemporary ENERGY, Vol. 3, No. 1 (2017)  ISSN 2363-6440



Founding Editor & Editor–In–Chief                                   I am welcoming you to this Issue of the Journal entering
                       Zoran V. Stosic                              the third year of its existence.

                                                                    We mostly have published the best papers from the
                                                                    International Conference & Workshop REMOO.
                                                                    Sometimes, and in the last time more often we are
                                                                    receiving articles for publication, which have not been
                                                                    presented on the REMOO conferences. However, not all
                                                                    papers have been accepted because they do not fully
                                                                    meet our scientific or language standards.

                                                                    And talking about the quality of the papers, interesting
                                                                    is that many authors are frequently asking us about the
                                                                    progress in indexing and/or evaluating of the Journal by
                                                                    different associations. Even more interesting is the fact
                                                                    that sometimes they do not realise that this progress
                                                                    does not depend only on us but rather on the quality of
                                                                    their papers.

                                                                    However, this originates before and in aftermath of the
                                                                    conference. After pre-selecting a number of papers
                                                                    presented at the conference, which might be selected to
                                                                    be published in the Journal, we perform at least double-
                                                                    blind peer review process. But in the most cases we
                                                                    make triple-blind and even quadruple-blind peer
                                                                    reviews to reach the quality acceptable for the Journal.
                                                                    This is a process in which the authors are improving their
                                                                    paper in accordance with the reports of reviewers. At
                                                                    the end, the authors are also satisfied realising that their
                                                                    papers became much better.

                                                                    There are also sometimes marginal number of authors
                                                                    who are not ready to finish the review process. The
                                                                    origin of such cases starts long before the reviewing
                                                                    process. It starts already by preparing the paper for the
                                                                    conference and initiating motives to submit it.

                                                                    But about this, I will perhaps write some other time.

                                                                    In this Issue we have published nine good papers, which
                                                                    went positively through our reviewing processes. So,
                                                                    enjoy flipping and reading …


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