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International Journal of Contemporary ENERGY, Vol. 3, No. 1 (2017)  ISSN 2363-6440


     CONTENT                                                                                               Editorial

       e1 Global Energy – Uncertainty is the only Thing certain                                            Authors‘ Papers
              by Jan Blomgren
                                                                                                           The Journal
         1 Shpetim Lajqi, Xhemajl Fejzullahu, Naser Lajqi, Heset Hajdini
              Analysis of the Mini Turgo Hydro Turbine Performance for different Working Regimes

         9 Yamina Boughari, Georges Ghazi, Ruxandra Mihaela Botez
              Optimal Control new Methodologies Validation on the Research Aircraft Flight Simulator of
              the Cessna Citation X Business Aircraft

       19 Gazmend Pula, Kadri Kadriu, Gazmend Kabashi, Bajram Neshati
              Switch-Gear Capacity Fault Analysis of Kosovo Power System Key Busbar by Comparative
              Analytical and Numerical Software Methodology

       29 Daniele Grosso, Raffaella Gerboni, Aquiles Martinez Perez
              Impacts of Non-Programmable Renewable Sources Penetration on the Italian Energy System:
              A Tool for Scenario Analyses

       37 Gordana Laštovička-Medin
              Emerging Materials, Computational Research Needs and Challenges for Alternative Energy

       44 Gordana Laštovička-Medin
              Open Source Sun Tracking System with Solar Panel Monitoring and Heliostat Control System

       51 Zdravko Eškinja, Krunoslav Horvat, Vedran Bakarić, Ognjen Kuljača
              Review of Turbine Governing System Tests Performed on Hydro-Power Plants in Croatia

       57 Ana M. Lazarevska, Daniela Mladenovska
              Corruption and Bad Governance vs. Reliable Energy in the Economies in Transition

       70 Daniela Mladenovska, Ana M. Lazarevska
              Indicators Relevant for Energy Security Risk Assessment of Critical Energy Infrastructure

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