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International Journal of Contemporary ENERGY, Vol. 3, No. 2 (2017)  ISSN 2363-6440



Founding Editor & Editor–In–Chief                                   Under the UN Framework Convention on Climate
                       Zoran V. Stosic                              Change, 10,000 government delegates, 8,000 people
                                                                    from other groups and 2,000 media representatives
                                                                    from all around the world will meet in Bonn, Germany,
                                                                    from 6th to 17th of November for the 23rd annual
                                                                    Conference of Parties to discuss about dangereous
                                                                    human influence on the global climate changes.

                                                                    Present environmental damage on some places
                                                                    worldwide already show the severe realities of the
                                                                    ecological and social tragedies that Earth is suffering
                                                                    from overdevelopment and overshoot.

                                                                    Humans are exploiting the planet so to run out of
                                                                    resources and currently need about 1.7 Earths to meet
                                                                    their demands, which have already exceeded what the
                                                                    planet can replenish. If such exploiting of the planet
                                                                    continues progressively we might need 2 Earths to
                                                                    survive by 2030 or even 3 by 2050.

                                                                    Despite to numerous worldwide protocols and
                                                                    agreements, it seems that the human impact is
                                                                    accelerating out of control resulting also in excessive
                                                                    carbon emissions and corresponding global warming up.
                                                                    If present trends in carbon concentrations in
                                                                    atmosphere and global temperature rise continue to
                                                                    develop, by the end of the 21st century much of Africa,
                                                                    South America and India will endure average daily
                                                                    maximum temperatures of more than 45°C.

                                                                    Under these circumstances, two important questions

                                                                    How much is the global quest for energy responsible for
                                                                    such situation?

                                                                    What will this newest climate meeting of more than
                                                                    20,000 people change?


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