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International Journal of Contemporary ENERGY, Vol. 3, No. 2 (2017)                                     ISSN 2363-6440


  CONTENT                                                                                              Editorial

e1 Energy for Tomorrow: The Transition of the Global Energy System                                     Authors‘ Papers
      by Daniele Grosso
                                                                                                       The Journal
 1 James F. Hunsucker III, Matt McHugh, Jordan Lockett, Andrew Lowery, James E. Smith
      Is Current Wind Power Sustainable?

 8 Michelle Jamshidi, Alex Hatch, Andrew D. Lowery, James E. Smith
      The Future of Solar Energy

16 Gordana Laštovička-Medin
      Generating Electricity through Pedal Power

30 Xhevat Berisha, Naser Sahiti
      Renewable Energy Sources Targets – The Potential of Geothermal Energy in Kosovo

41 Valerijs Bezrukovs, Sabine Upnere, Vladislavs Bezrukovs, Aleksejs Zacepins, Normunds Jekabsons
      Effect of the Cellular Communication Mast Structure on the Wind Speed Measurement

50 Jan Bitter, Stephan Printz, Kristina Lahl, René Vossen, Sabina Jeschke
      Fuzzy Logic Approach for Sustainability Assessment based on the Integrative Sustainability
      Triangle – An Application for a Wind Power Plant

62 Simon Pezzutto, Gianluca Grilli, Stefano Zambotti
      European Heat Pump Market Analysis: Assessment of Barriers and Drivers

71 Jelena Andric, Sudip Sarkar
      A Computational Study of the Impacts of Driving Aggressiveness on Fuel Consumption
      Sensitivity in a Parallel HEV

80 Igor Bolvashenkov, Jörg Kammermann, Quirin Buchner, Hans-Georg Herzog
      A Traction Drive of an Electrical Helicopter based on Fuel Cells and Superconducting Electrical
      Machines: Preliminary Assessment of Feasibility

88 Xhevat Berisha, Bedri Dragusha
      The Influence of the Outside Temperature on the Design of a Heating System

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